About Glen Farrelly

After an extensive career in digital media production and management, I am now an Assistant Professor at Athabasca University’s Faculty of Business.

I use my expertise gained through my work experience and advanced education to consult, research, and educate on digital and mobile media. Digital media users are complicated and multifaceted – I have the combination of depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to help understand them and apply their needs to various digital media and technology efforts.

Areas of Expertise

  • user experience of mobile and digital media
  • user-centred design, usability, and accessibility
  • locative media, location-based services, and geoinformatics
  • professional communications

I’m currently experimenting with Raindrop.io to share news and research I find about location-based services / locative media. Check out my collection


Prior to my current tenure-track position at Athabasca University, I worked for 3 years at Toronto Metropolitan University and Wilfrid Laurier University teaching courses on digital media, social media, participatory media, Internet Studies, business technology management, design, and professional communications,

I previously worked in user research both as an independent consultant and as a team member of an experimental media lab at OCAD University. In this role, I have led user testing of digital media prototypes through participant recruitment, organizing and moderating tests, conducting user observation, think aloud method, and qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Additionally, I have over ten years experience in digital media design and development from paper prototyping, iterative and user-centred design, project management, and product launches.

My career highlights include managing an e-Business website, developing websites with start-ups, writing online travelogues, and helping create one of the first mobile applications in Canada.

Awards and Honours

  • SSHRC Canada Graduate scholarships (doctoral and masters)
  • Chancellor’s award for top performance for masters program
  • TA teaching excellence award shortlist, University of Toronto
  • Best workshop paper, Mobile Human Computer Interaction conference
  • Apex awards for excellence in overall website and online annual report