About Glen Farrelly

1) I will be presenting my research on tourism apps at Northeast Popular & American Culture Association virtual conference this October.

2) Myself and colleagues at Athabasca University are researching students’ experience of online learning during the pandemic and their intentions for future online learning. If you were a student at a Canadian university or college in 2019-21, please answer our survey (which takes less than 20 minutes). You could win an Amazon gift card! See: https://www.athabascau.ca/uportal/messages/participants_requested_online_learning.php


After an extensive career in digital media production and management, I am now an Assistant Professor at Athabasca University’s Faculty of Business.

I use my expertise gained through my work experience and advanced education to consult, research, and educate on digital and mobile media. Digital media users are complicated and multifaceted – I have the combination of depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to help understand them and apply their needs to various digital media and technology efforts.

Areas of Expertise

  • user experience of mobile and digital media
  • user-centred design, usability, and accessibility
  • locative media, location-based services, and geoinformatics
  • professional communications

I’m currently experimenting with Raindrop.io to share news and research I find about location-based services / locative media. Check out my collection


Prior to my current tenure-track position at Athabasca University, I worked for 3 years at Toronto Metropolitan University and Wilfrid Laurier University teaching courses on digital media, social media, participatory media, Internet Studies, business technology management, design, and professional communications,

I previously worked in user research both as an independent consultant and as a team member of an experimental media lab at OCAD University. In this role, I have led user testing of digital media prototypes through participant recruitment, organizing and moderating tests, conducting user observation, think aloud method, and qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Additionally, I have over ten years experience in digital media design and development from paper prototyping, iterative and user-centred design, project management, and product launches.

My career highlights include managing an e-Business website, developing websites with start-ups, writing online travelogues, and helping create one of the first mobile applications in Canada.

Awards and Honours

  • SSHRC Canada Graduate scholarships (doctoral and masters)
  • Chancellor’s award for top performance for masters program
  • TA teaching excellence award shortlist, University of Toronto
  • Best workshop paper, Mobile Human Computer Interaction conference
  • Apex awards for excellence in overall website and online annual report