Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business, Athabasca University

At Athabasca University, I am responsible for all communications courses in the Faculty of Business. This includes overseeing and developing courses on professional communications and social media. I recently developed two courses with a substantial simulation and artificial intelligence component.

Prior to this, I taught for 3 years with Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Courses Taught
• Social Media
• Digital Media Design
• Participatory Media
• Introduction to Professional Communication
• Strategic Communication
• Business Technology Management
• Internet Studies
• Video Game Design
• Interpersonal Communication

eLearning Consultant
Clients include: University of Toronto, McGill University, etc.
• Provide expertise on pedagogical and technological integration and optimization of various online class delivery tools

Certifications and Honours
• TA Teaching Excellence Award Shortlist
University of Toronto, Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation
* One of 12 people shortlisted for the award out of 138 nominees

• Teaching Fundamentals Certificate
University of Toronto, Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation

• Teaching in Higher Education course
University of Toronto, Woodsworth College

•  Technology in Education course
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

• Teaching Online
Toronto Metropolitan University, Chang School’s Professional Development Program

• Accommodating Accommodation Certificate
Toronto Metropolitan University, Faculty of Communication and Design

Feedback on my teaching 

From a teaching assessment by communications professor:

Glen commanded the room and held student attention throughout the class. His style is enthusiastic, full of insight and helpful comments, energetic, humourous, and supportive. His mastery of course content was clear and his assignment allowed students to connect their areas to specialization to course content. Glen’s visuals were professional and clear. I enjoyed the class.

From a professor of information systems:

Glen Farrelly was central to this course, and such positive ratings by the students could not have happened without his sustained and outstanding contribution. I was delighted to have him return for two subsequent years.

From a professor of communications:

students noted that they appreciated Glen’s inclusive and interactive approach to teaching. Lastly,we worked closely together on structuring, designing, and grading the final exam. While academics are sometimes known to be a bit tardy when it comes to deadlines, we are all very busy, for me Glen was a breath of fresh air. It is such a delight to work with somebody who is proactive, responsive, flexible, and independent as both a teacher and scholar.

From a professor of project management:

Glen showed initiative when necessary and was able to identify potential issues regarding the course syllabus and related assignments. He completed all of his work ahead of schedule, which meant that students received feedback in a timely manner. His comments on the work of students was exacting, fair and thoughtful. He was a pleasure to work with and contributed greatly to the success of the course.

From a professor of research methodology:

Glen’s lecture provided a clear and accessible introduction to challenging material, and Glen balanced his presentation of complex ideas with his characteristic good-natured humour. The students responded with particular enthusiasm to Glen’s series of real-world examples, in which he elicited class discussion… Rarely have I seen such a difficult topic presented with such clarity and humour, and to such a responsive classroom of students. I recommend Glen without reservation for any teaching-related position for which he might apply.

From a peer reviewer:

Glen has excellent communication skills and a great rapport with the students in the class. Throughout the lecture, the students in the class were very engaged, and they were comfortable contributing to discussions. Glen did a great job encouraging class participation. Throughout the lecture, he active solicited feedback from the students, and he encouraged students to share their own experience that were related to the lecture topic… Overall, the lecture was a very positive learning experience for students!